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So a few days ago, my friend linked me to this online store and even though we are both on the brink of “don’t do it, don’t shop online now, man”, we kind of folded and decided we could each spare $10 to see if this site was as good as it seemed. She linked to several Youtube reviews, but I was not 100% convinced because some of the review videos I saw were sponsored - are people necessarily 100% truthful if the got a ton of free stuff through sponsorship? Yes and no. Website reviews of Miss A seemed to be mixed bag. People with large orders seemed to be the main population with complaints e.g. items missing, wrong items received, stuff like that.

That said, I was wary, everything is $1. It seemed too good to be true and I have the worst luck with online shopping. As in, if there’s a way to fuck up my order, it will happen. If there’s a way some seller with 100% feedback can just abruptly decide to turn crooked and scam a buyer, it would be me. That kind of bad luck.

I figured I would gamble the $10 and see what happened since there were some useful items and my credit card company has always been amazing to work with whenever I had a problem so I felt safe-ish. I was excited to see Kleancolor brand cosmetics on the site since I find that they are a fun budget cosmetic band and who doesn’t love inexpensive jewelry every now and then? Despite the negative reviews I saw, it is pretty hard to fuck up a 6-item order, so I decided to look around and add things to the ol’ shopping trolley.

So what happened? Well, shopping on their site was a bit of a disaster because I kept running into errors which would go away when I refreshed the pages. My friend tried 3 different browsers, I tried 2, we both had the same issues with these errors. 5000 page-refreshes later, I had a trolley loaded with my 6 items [accounting for the $3.95 flat rate shipping to keep it just under $10] and was checking out. Checkout seemed to go okay, until I got to actual submission page where I got another error. I had no idea if my order was processed but I didn’t dare refresh lest my order be submitted twice and credit card get charged again. So I logged into my “orders” section of my account and saw that the order was indeed recorded and was being process. All is well, just going to sit tight and see what happens. This was 9/8/14.

My order shipped via USPS first class mail 9/11/14 and the tracking number didn’t seem to want to load anything after I checked it a day later. However, work has been keeping me busy on the verge of frantic so I completely forgot to check back later - no matter.

The package arrived today, 9/13/14 and packages ship out of Dallas [something I couldn’t find anywhere on their site] because inquiring minds and such.

My order arrived in a plain bag mailer.

Inside the plain bag mailer is your invoice and your contents bundled together in bubble wrap. As you can see, whomever packed the order circled off each item which requires more than just tossing items into a bin before packing so, I am guessing they are fairly careful about getting your order correct.

Under the bubble wrap, someone also takes the time to wrap your items in tissue paper and put a Miss A sticker on it. Under that is more foamy packing material! They did a very nice job packing things.

Pile o’ loot:


Kleancolor Baked Eyeshadow

Kleancolor Kajal Eyeliner

Kleancolor Eyebrow Razors [been curious about trying these for a while and I was going to give one to my friend who linked me to the site

Grippy accessory mat for your car dash

Turquoise bead necklace

Key charm necklace

Overall impression: Despite the website being a bit if a pain to use [errors galore], I am impressed and like the items received. I especially like the 5-day turnaround [time from order placement to item receipt] and that they are in the US so you do not wait for weeks or months to receive your goodies. Jewelry is about the quality you’d expect from Claire’s or similar. Worth the $1? Hell yea. The turquoise bead necklace was actually pretty nice. The silver rhinestone key necklace and its chain look a bit cheapish but whatever, easy enough to work into an outfit. The grippy mat works on other flat surfaces, but the weather is gross outside so I have not gone out there to test it on my Rav4’s textured dash, but it should be fine. The makeup? On par with my other favorite budgety brand with cosplay-friendly colors, NYX. All in all, this package brought a little sunshine to this rainy/blustery/wtfy day.

Would I order with them again? Yes
Do I recommend them? Yes, perhaps stick with a smallish order
May I ask you a question that wasn’t answered about your experience ordering? Yes

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Lady Gaga dancing in a hot dog custume.


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My friend asked me to walk down the stairs while he filmed me and it was the best decision I made all month.

I think this is my new reaction image for the times I need to emphasize my use of “No fucks left to give” or “Screw you guys, I’m going home.”

Such majesty

My friend asked me to walk down the stairs while he filmed me and it was the best decision I made all month.

I think this is my new reaction image for the times I need to emphasize my use of “No fucks left to give” or “Screw you guys, I’m going home.” Such majesty

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one time when my mind wasn’t in the best of places I saw a bird jump off the roof of a building and felt this momentary pang of panic because I must have forgotten that THE FUCKERS CAN FLY

I guess even pigeons can have their own, “GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD” moments. Fascinating.

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Working on my night cheese… errr on hardcore spring cleaning spring cleaning. I am cleaning out a lot of my coveted items for reasons I’ll explain later. For now these things will be listed in my Storenvy shop.

Tonight I listed a bunch of my trading cards from the Tales series (Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Xillia). Tomorrow, who knows what I will find. If you know Tales fans, please send them my way.

Those interested in sweeping up some rare collectibles and mostly-cosplay-relevant stuff, feel free to check out my storenvy shop: HOW IONIC
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Those eyes.


That last pic. It’s like, “See ya in hell, kiddies!!!!!! AHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAH”. Nope.

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#My father will hear about this

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Beyond Order Jan Töve Johannson

Sometimes, only being able to share ten images on a photoset, makes for impossible choices. This is one of those cases. The work of Jan Töve Johannson is incredibly beautiful, I encourage all of you to check out his website.

Photos like these remind me that the world isn’t always such a horrible place: that there is some goodness and beauty out there, even if we can’t see it ourselves. Source: archatlas
  • Question: OMG your ombré dye is so seamless! How did you get it like that? Everytime I try it I get those nasty lines in the die and it ends up looking more like stripes :( - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    thank you so much! yah i really wanted the ombre effect to be as smooth as possible. its a long process but heres what i did

    • i made a regular batch of RIT dye
    • get a 2 empty pots or bowls and a ladle
    • i put about two scoops from the solid dye batch in one bucket and added some water. this will be your light dye
    • the second bucket i put about 4 scoops from the solid dye batch and added some water. this will be your medium dye
    • use a test strip if your fabric and dry off. this is important because it will let you know how much of a gradient you will get. if the color is too dark add more water. if a color is too light add more liquid from the solid dye bowl.
    • once you do that DO NOT WET YOUR FABRIC BEFORE YOU DYE. i know it says so on the package BUT if the fabric is dry it will give the dye a chance to creep up the fabric and it’ll look a lore more seamless
    • start with the most watered down dye and just bob the fabric up and down for about 15 minutes.
    • repeat this process for the medium and the solid dyes
    • when you are finished with all 3 layers do not dump out your dye.
    • rinse your fabric till the water runs clear.
    • depending on where this fabric is you have the option of washing it in a washer machine like what the packet will say. if you choose to do this keep in mind that some of the color will wash out so you may have to repeat the dying process to keep the vibrancy of the color.
    • once youve rinsed or machine washed your fabric put it in the dryer
    • once your piece is 100% dry you will be able to tell what the colors really looks like and decide if you need to dye your fabric once more. 


    hope this helps you out!

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