Lon’qu from Fire Emblem: Awakening WIP Pics

Let me tell you about the time I misjudged a Fire Emblem costume… ok this is actually the 3rd time. I didn’t think Lon’qu’s costume was going to be as difficult or time-consuming to make as Rafiel’s. Sadly, it was, just in a different way.

The base fabric is faux suedes with black bridal satin trim, lined with comfy cotton (bit of a mistake since lint sticks to it so easily but I already had a ton of it so it was “free”). The gold detailing was created using Jacquard Fabric Paint. Gloves, belts, and armor bits were made from the swathes of leftover vinyl that I have. Leather would have looked amazing, but I cannot buy it when I have so much vinyl. Sometimes you have to behave yourself. Only sometimes.

The fur trim was absurdly messy as it always is. It adds to the collection of things that refuse to be cleaned and vacuumed up (which includes glitter and sequins from my Elsa dress). Also, I did not have time to make a super legit scabbard so this one is kind of ghetto. I made it with posterboard and reinforced it with paper maché and covered it in matching vinyl). The “belt bling”, as I like to call it, was made with the lid to a salsa jar and craft foam.

Soooo, I just need to style my wig and finish the sword (add tsuba and handle wrapping + paint).

And apologies for the costume looking wonky etc. on the dress form. Sadly, these days the dress form has way bigger boobs than I do and the outfits I make of male characters obviously don’t sit perfectly on it. Oh well, you get the idea and it looks and fits me fine.

Almost ready to check this one off as completed for Katsucon! Awww yeeeeeaa.

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